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Two Schools Finalize Teacher Contracts

Apr 27, 2012


The Burlington School District has wrapped up contract negotiations with its teachers.

The school board and the Burlington Education Association have each ratified a new one-year contract for the 2012-2013 school year.

The agreement calls for a $1,006 increase in the base pay.  The result is that entry-level teachers will start out at around $31,000/year.

Teachers are also in line for pay raises based on their experience and education.

The two sides agreed to eliminate an insurance option covering an employee and one other individual.  The resulting options are single policies or family policies.

The district will continue to pay 100% of the cost for a single policy or 90% of the cost of a family plan.

There were a few other changes in the contract.  Certified staff will now receive a pass for all events or activities and will have to attend fewer organized meetings.

The addition of a bowling coach for next year is also included in this contract.

The total cost to the district is about $865,000, which was built into the budget.



Keokuk’s teacherss are in line for a pay raise.

The school board has signed off on a new one-year contract with the Keokuk Education Association, which has already approved the deal.

The agreement calls for a $600 increase in the base pay for teachers to just over $31,000.  There will also be appropriate raises based on experience and education.

Business Manager Greg Reynolds says the insurance plan will remain the same, with the district providing a single policy and helping pay for a family plan.

He says the total cost to the district is just over 400-thousand dollars… which was built into the upcoming budget.

Reynolds says the rest of the changes were language related… but he says they were basically to clean-up the contract.