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Two Housing Facilities to Close at WIU by 2012

Macomb, IL – Phase Two of Western Illinois University's Housing and Dining Services Master Plan calls for closing two housing facilities. Under the plan, Higgins Hall and Lamoine Village would be shut down in the fall of 2012.

UHDS Director Matt Bierman says it would cost too much to upgrade the facilities. Bierman says a fire suppression system needs to be installed in both facilities, and by state mandate that would need to be done by January 1, 2013. He says the elevators in Higgins Hall would also have to be repaired. Bierman says it would cost roughly $2.5 million just for the two projects in Higgins Hall.

Bierman says the master plan calls for renovations to the Lincoln-Washington complex. He says that will cost roughly $5-to-$7 million. Bierman says the renovations will take place over the summers of 2011 and 2012.

Additional Information:

*Bierman says over the next year the University will look at the long-term plan for the two facilities. He says at that time, they will determine whether to re-open Higgins Hall and Lamoine Village, or consider demolishing the buildings.

*Bierman says the proposal will be posted on the University's Master Plan website later this week.

*Phase One includes closing Wetzel Hall after the Spring 2009 semester.