Turnout Low In Lee County School Board Elections

Lee County, IA – Voter turnout was very low for school board elections in Lee County's 3 public school districts. About 8% of the registered voters within the Central Lee School District made it to the polls. In Keokuk, turnout was around 2% while it was just 1% in Fort Madison. Seven of the nine races on the ballot in the county were uncontested.

Central Lee
District 1
Robert Bryant (Inc) - Unopposed

District 3
Bob Galle - 57%
Brenda Knox - 26%
Doug Hopp (Inc) - 17%

District 4
John Johnson - 43%
Kim Miller - 41%
Tina Horner - 17%

Fort Madison
Judy Gerdes (Inc) - Unopposed
Dan Davis (Inc) - Unopposed
Donald Ward - Unopposed

Sandra Stark (Inc) - Unopposed
David Hotop - Unopposed

District 4
Moudy Nabulsi (Inc) - Unopposed