Transportation Fund Low

Rushville, IL – The Schuyler-Industry School District would like to buy an activity bus. But, Superintendent Matt Plater says the district will have to hold off on it for now. "Our transportation fund is not in good standing and is owned money, and being behind on revenue from the state, we just felt like we couldn't justify the expense this year at this time," Plater says.

Plater hopes the district will be able to build up its transportation fund so an activity bus can be bought next fiscal year. Plater says it would cost $40,000.

Plater says the bus would save the district money in the long run. That's because it would not have to pay a bus driver to operate the vehicle.

Plater says an activity bus is a mini-bus that is not yellow. Anyone with a driver's license can operate one. "It can not be used to haul students on regular bus routes at any time," Plater says. "It can be used for any extra-curricular group that travels to contests that are generally small groups."

"We have school vans, but they are limited to 8 passengers," says Plater. "So if a group like the golf team is more than 8, it can't take the van and therefore we have to take a bus and hire a bus driver. With an activity bus, the golf coach could drive the team to the event. They would be just as safe as being on a school bus."