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Tim Scott : Address Health Insurance

Oct 2, 2013

Former Burlington Mayor Tim Scott says he brings experience and a common-sense approach to the race for three open city council seats.

Former Burlington Mayor Tim Scott is seeking a return to the Burlington City Council

He is one of 11 whose name will appear on the October 8 ballot.

Scott is a small business owner who has experience on the Burlington City Council.  He served on the panel for twelve years, including six as mayor.

Scott says he entered the race because he enjoys serving the community and because he feels there is a weakness on the council that he can help with and strengthen.

He says that weakness is political correctness, adding that "I see things in black and white.  I do not hesitate for a second to express myself."

Scott says an example of the political correctness is that the city council is not seriously considering personnel when it comes to solving the city's financial problems.

He says Burlington needs to take a close look at employee health insurance, specifically requiring more of a buy-in from employees through helping to pay premiums or higher out-of-pocket expenses.

"We need to look at it the same way a small business person, like myself, does," says Scott.  "I have a $2,900 deductible.  A lot of the business people I talk to have very similar programs."

Scott also says he would tell the EPA that Burlington needs more time to separate its combined sewer system.

"The timeline is unrealistic," says Scott.  "We can't do it without breaking the backs of our citizens."

He says extending the timeline could save the city millions.

"The dollars saved will help the private sector do what they need to do," says Scott, "and allow for property tax revenue to be used to pay down debt.

Scott says he supports the idea of privatizing more services, beyond the proposal involving Memorial Auditorium.

He also wants to make sure someone on the city council is holding city employees responsible for what is going on on a daily basis throughout Burlington.