Tax Hike Could Hit Missouri Farmers

Jefferson City, MO – The Missouri State Tax Commission is proposing a significant increase in the productive value of the state's best farmland. Missouri's farms are divided into eight groups based on land quality.

The commission proposed an increase in the value for the four best categories of farmland. The values for the next three levels would be lowered and the worst land would remain the same.

The productive value of land is used to determine property taxes.

State Representative Brian Munzlinger (R-Lewis County) says the action of the commission will hurt Missouri's farmers. He says that is why he has filed legislation to reverse the decision.

Munzlinger says members of the Missouri State Tax Commission are simply out-of-touch, given the economic climate of the state.

Munzlinger says lawmakers have less than 60 days to reverse the action of the commission. If that does not happen, the increase in productive values for Missouri's best farmland will take effect January 1.

Munzlinger says the leadership in the Missouri House of Representatives has told him that the issue would be brought up for debate.

It has been more than a decade since the productive value of Missouri's agricultural land was adjusted.