Talking About The Weather

Burlington, IA – A Google search of the word "weather" yields 618,000,000 results. It seems everyone has something to say about the topic. An audience at the Arts for Living Center in Burlington got to hear more about it from three writers who focused on prairie weather. The presentation was part of the annual Harvest Celebration done in conjunction with the Humanities Iowa "Voices of the Prairie" program. Thomas Dean's piece is titled "Confessions of A Tornado Virgin." He's lived the Midwest his entire life without ever having seen a tornado. Mary Swander talked about a tornado she survived while living near Kalona. Her story is called "Up On The Rooftop." Robert Sayre made a connection between the weather and conservationist Aldo Leopold with his story "In Praise of Blizzards and Tornadoes." Their stories and other essays can also be found in the book "Prairie Weather," which is published by Ice Cube Press ( Listen to Rich Egger's feature about the event in Burlington by clicking on the audio button above.