Supportive Living Facility Clears Hurdle

Macomb, IL – All taxing bodies in McDonough County have agreed to expand the county's enterprise zone. The Spoon River College Board of Trustees approved the move on April 28. It was the last taxing body to do so.

The zone extension was requested by Laverdiere Construction, which is building the new Grand Prairie Supportive Living facility on Grant Street. It will be a two story, 48 unit property containing five double units and 43 single rooms. It's expected to create 30 full time jobs and will have an annual payroll of roughly $800,000.

"We're excited about the project, we think it will definitely fill a void," says Kim Pierce, Executive Director of the Macomb Area Economic Development Corporation.

Pierce made the rounds during the past few weeks, asking various boards and councils to approve the expansion, which will allow developers to avoid paying sales taxes for building materials bought in Illinois. They'll also receive real estate tax abatements for the next ten years.

Pierce says she understands the financial constraints that have been placed on many municipalities during the recession. But she says this is an area where money must be spent.

"Economic development is tough at this time," Pierce says. "This is a time when you have to dig in and say be creative, push the incentives. Because that private investment doesn't come around all the time."

Construction on the facility could begin in September. The extension must now head to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity for final approval.