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Summer Fun for Special Olympians

Macomb, IL – It's summertime in McDonough County... and the athletes are out and about, swimming, playing tennis, and playing softball.

That means it's go-time for the Macomb Bulldogs, a group of softball playing Special Olympians. Several dozen fans fill the stands for their games, most of which take place at Macomb High School.

The two teams, which consist of the A team and B team, travel around the region. They've played teams from Monmouth, Jacksonville and others. But of all the teams they play, Monmouth is their arch rival.

"They're the only competition around here, really," says Joseph Meunir of Macomb, a ten year Bulldog veteran.

The season lasts through July, when they travel to Springfield for the district tournament. If they do well, they'll represent the district in the state tournament in August.

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