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Student Help Needed for Adventure Race in Cuba

Aug 19, 2013

A Western Illinois University Alumni is asking for current WIU students to help with an adventure race in Fulton County.

Joe Decker is a two time Spartan Death Race champion and runs Gut Check Fitness in San Diego. He described the “Ultimate Suck”  as a mixture of trail running, cross- fit, military exercises, and farm chores.

It'll put a hurting on you
A view from the Ultimate Suck 2012.
Credit Gut Check Fitness

This year's 36 hour event is being held over Labor Day Weekend on Decker’s parent’s farm near Cuba, Illinois.

He said there is also a 12 division as well.

Decker said he wants to show that the Midwest can be a place for adventure.

"We're not associated with extreme races, with real tough events, we don't have the mountains and we don't have the oceans and this and that," Decker said. "What we do have, I mean the cornfields and the hills and the hollers, we have enough back there, it'll put a hurting on you."

The 36 hour race will a feature a military style tear-gas chamber, and “lots of chores involving hay.”

Decker said he needs students to help him with registration and to pace racers on the course. He also said any WIU students who want to try "The Suck" can get half off their entry fee.

Students can volunteer by emailing nicole@gutcheckfitness.com.