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State Law Requires Life Jackets For All Passengers

May 28, 2014

The Illinois DNR says there is something very simple boaters can do to ensure their safety.

The state agency says everyone in a boat should be wearing a life jacket. The DNR says the number one cause of boating injuries is the failure to wear one.

Boaters on Argyle Lake
Credit www.DNR.state.il.us

Illinois requires boaters to have preservers for every passenger, and those under age 13 must wear one at all times.

Argyle Lake Site superintendent Robin Hinchee says life jackets are the only sure way of safety.

“It doesn’t matter how good a swimmer you are. You could bump your head if you fall out, you can do all sorts of things. The life jacket will save your life…that’s been a proven fact over the years," Said Hinchee.

Hinchee says the number of Illinois boating fatalities has decreased over the years as more people realize the importance of a life jacket.