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Some Corn Still In SE Iowa Fields

Keokuk, IA – Every season is important to farmers.

They plant in the spring. They tend to their fields in the summer. They harvest in the fall.

Bob Dodds with Iowa State University Extension says the winter months mean paperwork. He says farmers work on their taxes and purchase materials needed for the year ahead.

Dodds says some farmers in southeast Iowa have had something else to work on. He says corn is still standing in portions of Lee, Des Moines, and Henry Counties.

Dodds says a few fields were too wet to be harvested this fall. He says the time in the field, though, will not impact the quality of the corn.

"There may be some damage to the corn," says Dodds, "but very little. The reason is the cool temperatures in the winter months."

Dodds says farmers can either sell the late corn or feed it to their livestock. He says it is unusual to see winter harvesting, but not completely unheard of.

Dodds says farmers cannot harvest their corn if there is snow on the ears. He says the snow can get into the combine and plug the equipment.

Dodds says planning season should get underway in April. He says the key will be the moisture content in the ground.

You can hear more with Bob Dodds by clicking the audio link above.