Smoke-Free Homes and Cars in Lee County

Fort Madison, IA – Iowa's ban on public smoking has been in place for more than one year. The Lee County Clean Air Coalition is trying to encourage people to expand their non-smoking locations.

Emily Carrick with the Lee County Health Department says the coalition continues to promote the Smoke-free Homes and Cars She says information about the program is available, through her office, along with information about the dangers of first- and second-hand smoke.

Carrick says quitting smoking at home can be difficult for many people. "I tell them that if they don't want the whole home yet, maybe you should focus on one room," says Carrick, "and then move it to another room and expand it from there. Before you know it, you could have a smoke-free home."

Carrick says the Lee County Clean Air Coalition is also trying to inform people of the dangers associated with third-hand smoke. She says that is the residue that is left behind in clothes, car upholstery, or furniture.

Carrick says involvement in the Smoke-free Homes and Cars program is voluntary. She says there is no law preventing smoking in either location.

Carrick says, since the inception of the public smoking ban, calls to the Iowa Quitline from Lee County have remained steady. She says that program still offers two weeks of cessation products.