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Site for Musician's Memorial in Keokuk

Oct 20, 2013

Plans to honor local musicians have taken a big step forward as a site in Keokuk has been selected.

The proposed location for the Musicians' Memorial in Keokuk

The city council has reached a consensus to help the organizing committee for the proposed Musician’s Memorial build it near the former toll bridge, off of N. 1st Street.

The help from the city would come in the form of providing the concrete needed to build a sidewalk leading up to the memorial.

The committee would likely have to pay for the associated labor.

Co-Chair Lisa LaMatty could not be happier with the decision by the city council.

"It just gives us so much more vision," says LaMatty, "we will have our own identity and we will be able to hold concerts down there.  Eventually, I would like to see us put a stage up down there."

The committee originally favored a location near the Rand Park Pavilion, but could not garner enough support for that site.

LaMatty says construction should get underway this summer.

The city would use money from the sidewalk replacement program to pay its share.  It's unclear how much money is available at this time, though the project could stretch into the upcoming fiscal year.


Meanwhile, more works of art could be showing up in one Keokuk park.

The city will delay the planned removal of about a dozen trees from Rand Park so they can be examined as the city council wants to know if any of them can be carved into giant sculptures.

Local chainsaw artist Al Moander has already carved a hummingbird and an eagle in the park, with several flying geese on the horizon.

7th Ward Alderwoman Susan Dunek says additional sculptures could increase Keokuk’s tourism appeal.

The delay followed a request from a resident who wants Moander to possibly use one of the trees to carve a memorial.