Sidewalk Compromise Narrowly Approved

Macomb, IL – Macomb aldermen are granting an exception to a rule that took effect just a few months ago.

The ordinance requires public sidewalks be included with new developments. But developer James Klyczek feels a sidewalk along his planned seven-unit townhouse at 531 West Elting Street would lead nowhere. He points out there are no sidewalks in that neighborhood.

Klyczek offered instead to pay for construction of a sidewalk across the street. The city council voted five-to-four in favor of the compromise.

Those in favor are Dave Dorsett, Tim Lobdell, Clay Hinderliter, Ryan Hansen, and Lou Gilbert. Those who voted against it are Mike Inman, Don Wynn, Dennis Moon, and Ed Lavin.

The project is in Hinderliter's ward. Hinderliter thinks it makes sense to build the sidewalk across the street (on the north side of Elting).

"At some point in time, if the city got together a master sidewalk plan, I think that's the side of the road that would have sidewalks," says Hinderliter.

Those who opposed the deal think the city should stick to its rules. "Personally, I think we should follow what the city code dictates," says Moon.

Salaries Approved for Top Cops

Also during their September 8 meeting, aldermen set the salaries for the city's new police chief and deputy chief.

Chief Curt Barker's pay is $71,171.07, retroactive to July 7. That's the date of his appointment.

Deputy Chief Eric Lenardt will be paid $63,871.41, retroactive to his appointment date of July 18.

In both cases, the men are being paid the same base salary as their predecessor.

Alderman at large Dennis Moon says he's heard concerns from a few people about how much is being paid. "My comment to them was that we do comparisons," says Moon. "Towns our size. Towns similar to our size with large universities in them. And we're not the highest, but we're not the lowest."

The salaries were recommended by the city council's public safety committee.