Schuyler-Industry Board to File Suit

Rushville, IL – The Schuyler-Industry school board will seek court help to reclaim some of the students who have left for the Macomb district. Superintendent Matt Plater says the lawsuit will ask the court to order that students who wanted to detach from the Industry district be compelled to attend the Schuyler-Industry schools ... or pay tuition to Macomb, where many are attending. Plater says the Schuyler-Industry district was down about 28 students at the beginning of the current school year. He says some enrolled in private schools, others went to the Macomb district. Plater says those students are costing his district more than $75,000 per year in state aid. He says efforts to convince students to either transfer to Schuyler-Industry, or to pay tuition to Macomb schools, have failed.