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Schock Says Tax Would Cost Jobs

Jun 8, 2012

Two west-central Illinois congressmen have voted for the repeal of a tax that would help fund reforms under the Affordable Care Act.

Aaron Schock (R-17th) and Bobby Schilling (R-18th) say the tax would cost Illinois over 1,200 jobs.

Schock also  says the tax might damage high tech manufacturing in the U.S.

He says, “If you are located in the United States and you have an excise tax because you're located here you may chose to move to foreign countries with lower tax structures.”

The measure would repeal a 2.3% tax on a variety of medical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators. The tax is scheduled to take effect next year. It would apply to gross sales over $5 million. It is expected to generate $26 billion dollars each year.

37 Democrats voted with the Republican majority to pass the repeal.

The Democratically-controlled Senate has not yet voted on the bill.

Schilling and Schock also supported a measure to provide more money for a pilot program that allows veterans to get healthcare at their local hospitals. The measure provides an additional $16 million.

Schock says the many veterans have to drive a couple of hours to Veterans Administration facilities for treatment. The program allows local healthcare providers to get the same reimbursement the V.A. facilities receive. Schock also says the V.A. will save since the veterans won't need as much reimbursement for their travel expenses.

The Senate has not yet taken up the measure.