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Schiller : One Lee County Still Goal

Jun 5, 2014

The head of the Lee County Board of Supervisors sees no reason to change things despite the results of the June 3 primary election.

Lee County Board of Supervisors Ernie Schiller

Chairman Ernie Schiller's pursuit of a third term came to an end when he lost to challenger Don Hunold.

Schiller said he has no hard feelings towards Hunold, adding that he is sure Hunold will be great as the District 3 representative on the board.

Schiller's term continues through the end of December 2014 and he said he will not stop working towards his goals.

"I am still one Lee County, I am still trying to get RUSS fully engaged here in Lee County with Mooar/Powdertown.  (I will remain) engaged in Children First and all of the other entities that I am part of, especially (the Lee County) Conservation (Department).  There are some huge issues there that need to be discussed.  Just because the voters voted me out does not mean I am stopping or quitting."

Schiller believes the outcome of the election was affected by some of the difficult decisions he’s made, including his votes in support of consolidating county government and giving Keokuk Area Hospital $100,000+ of county money.

Don Hunold won the Democratic Primary for the District 3 seat on the Lee County Board of Supervisors


Don Hunold said he is thrilled that the voters in District 3 want him to represent them on the board.

He plans to spend the next few months listening to people's concerns and ideas and attending Board of Supervisor meetings and those of the committee exploring the two county seat issue.

Hunold, after learning the results of the race, immediately thanked and praised Schiller for his service over the previous 7 1/2 years.

At this point, Hunold faces no competition in the November General Election.