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SCC Students Sign Pledge

Nov 26, 2012

Students at Southeastern Community College (SCC) are pledging to finish what they started.

The American Association of Community Colleges estimates that just 1 in 3 full-time students complete their Associates Degrees within 3 years.

That coincides with President Barack Obama’s call, several years ago, for community colleges to produce an additional five-million degrees and certificates by 2020.

The result is the College Completion Challenge.

SCC President Michael Ash

SCC President Michael Ash said more than 400 students signed a pledge, last week on the West Burlington campus, to finish their degrees or certifications.

He said the benefits can last a lifetime as “the potential is there on average to make more than $400,000 more just based upon completing their Associates Degree.”

Ash says financial struggles lead many community college students to quit school.

He says a similar event will be held on the Keokuk campus in January.