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Ryan Campaigns in Burlington

Oct 2, 2012

The presidential campaign made its way to southeast Iowa for the second time in the last month.

About 350 people turned out for a rally on Tuesday afternoon for Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) outside the Des Moines County Republican Headquarters.

The Republican nominee for Vice President delivered a short, but spirited speech, taking to the microphone for about 12 minutes.

Rep. Ryan told the crowd that he and Governor Mitt Romney believe in opportunity, limited government, economic freedom, the military, small business and peace through strength.

He says the election, which is less than 40-days away, will shape the future of this country for years to come.

“Do we want a pro-growth economy that fosters opportunity,” asked Rep. Ryan, “or do we want more stagnation that fosters dependency.”

At that point, the crowd, some of whom had been standing in a parking lot under a glaring sun, chanted for opportunity and growth.

Rep. Ryan also told the crowd in Burlington that Wednesday night’s debate between Governor Romney and President Barack Obama will make the choice for President crystal clear.

Rep. Ryan also played to the audience, congratulating the University of Iowa football team on a recent victory and saying how much he would like to return to southeast Iowa to go deer hunting.

The entire stop lasted about an hour.  A majority of it was spent inside the headquarters where Ryan met about a dozen local volunteers.

Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the Port of Burlington to a similar sized crowd last month.