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Rushville Could Add Zoning Laws

Jun 18, 2013

Mayor Scott Thompson will chair a commission that will study whether it’s feasible to implement zoning in Rushville.

“Every year we go through the same thing.  People call us because guys work on their cars and park them on the street, park them in the yard. Sometimes they’re there for weeks at a time,” Thompson said.

We're going to go literally block by block through the entire city

The Schuyler County Courthouse in downtown Rushville
Credit Rich Egger

He said it can cause noise problems and crowded conditions in neighborhoods.

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Thompson said the senior alderman from each of the city’s four wards will also serve on the commission. They will use a city map to determine whether it’s practical to implement zoning.

Mayor Scott Thompson
Credit Rich Egger

“We’re going to go literally block by block through the entire city, and we’re going to identify the areas that we see as commercial, or industrial, or residential areas,” Thompson said.

He said this will allow the commission to create a proposed land use plan. He believes the commission might need the remainder of the city’s fiscal year to complete the project.  The fiscal year ends April 30, 2014.

Thompson said there has never been zoning in Rushville, but he thinks there is a need. However, he added it will need to be well-defined and fairly enforced.