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Roseville Elementary's Last Day

Roseville, IL – Roseville has lost a key piece of its community. Roseville Elementary School has closed for good, fueled by the need for the Monmouth-Roseville school district to save money in the midst of declining population, an ongoing recession and a host of other financial factors.

The last full day at Roseville was filled with fun, games and prizes. The school held its second annual luau, which is essentially an all-day celebration to kick off summer. The gym was filled with kids, teachers and parent chaperones -- many proudly wearing Roseville Eagles apparel.

The transition has been especially hard for long time Roseville teachers and residents, such as art teacher Wendy Huston. She went to school in this building, has taught in it for 15 years, and is extremely sad to see it closed.

"I think a lot of people move into our community because of the small school setting," says Huston. "I think now, without an elementary school in our town, I think a lot of people might not be attracted to our town. I don't see it as a positive for the community."

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