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Ron Payne : Chance to Give Back

Oct 28, 2013

Alderman Ron Payne says he wants to remain on the Keokuk City Council so he can continue working for all residents.

Keokuk 3rd Ward Alderman Ron Payne

He has represented the third ward for the last five years.

Payne is seeking another four-year term because he enjoys what he does, in particular holding ward meetings to hear directly from residents.

“The city has given me so much and I want to give back,” says Payne.  “It is my opportunity to give back.”

Payne says the city faces some serious challenges: declining population, declining revenues.

He says he has the strength and resolve to say no to proposals that could result in higher taxes or fees on residents.

“I don’t want to lay anybody off,” says Payne, “but as openings come up, we should ask if we should fill them with the current circumstances.  I don’t think we should.”

He says he favors eliminating positions through attrition, including the upcoming vacancy in the Keokuk Police Department.

Payne says if re-elected, he would push for the city to help homeowners connect to the city’s sewer system… as opposed to using septic systems.

“Because of different changes in the Iowa law (regarding home sales), they are under the gun to get that done,” says Payne, “and we need to do those things.  We have not talked about it, but I am sure it will come up during this year’s budget.  If I am re-elected, I am certainly going to bring it up so we can discuss it.”

Payne says the Keokuk City Council should also look into building of a dog park, improving the skateboard park and adding bicycle trails.

He says he would support the hiring of a city manager or administrator, if the money is available to fund the position.

Payne is one of three men running for the Ward 3 seat in the Nov. 5 General Election.