Road Salt Supply Not Eroding

Macomb, IL – Despite the snow-filled winter, Macomb is still within its budget for road salt.

The city contracted for 1,600 tons of salt for this winter. So far it has used around 1,300 tons.

Jim Teater, Field Operations Manager for the Public Works Department, says snow storms are not as demanding on salt supplies as ice storms.

"With snow, you can plow it and clear the roadways and then, if necessary, go back and salt later if you have to," says Teater. "Ice blankets roads and you have to deal with it all over."

Public Works Director Walter Burnett says the city's road salt supply should be in pretty good shape for the rest of the winter - assuming there are no major snow or ice storms.

"We're doing all right so far. Supplies are good," says Burnett. "We have plenty in the salt barn to take us through the rest of the year and we anticipate we won't run much over our 1,600 tons that we'd planned on."

Burnett says the city has been mixing in beet juice to stretch its salt supplies.

Burnett says the public works department budgeted $150,000 for snow removal crews. There might not be much left in that fund by the end of the fiscal year because crews have put in a lot of overtime, working at night and on weekends. The city's fiscal year ends April 30.