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RFK Jr: Illinois Being Harmed by Bush Policies

Macomb, IL – Robert F. Kennedy Jr says the Bush administration's environmental policies are causing direct harm to Illinois residents. Kennedy made his comments at WIU, where he spoke to a full house at Western Hall.

Kennedy says the president and his cronies rolled back environmental protections for rivers. He feels fish populations in Illinois have been contaminated as a result of this.

Kennedy says the mercury in Illinois' waters would be eliminated if utility companies spent just 1% of their plant revenue on pollution control.

Kennedy thinks the planet is being treated as a pollution-based business. He says this will create short-term economic prosperity, but in the long-term today's children will suffer.

Before giving his presentation, Kennedy met with local reporters. You can listen to that Q-and-A session by clicking on the audio button.

Additional information:

*Kennedy is a well-known activist, lawyer and author. He works for the Natural Resource Defense Council and he is president of The Water Keepers, which he says is the fastest growing water protection group in the country. He also writes a regular column for Rolling Stone magazine.

Kennedy's father was a US Attorney General and US Senator, and he's the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy.

*Kennedy blames the media for failing to adequately cover important environmental issues. He says there's too much focus on entertainment and celebrity news.