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Reynolds Visits Fort Madison Rotary

Fort Madison, IA – Former Governor Terry Branstad selected State Senator Kim Reynolds as his running mate in his bid to return to office in Des Moines. Republican delegates allowed that to happen during the party's statewide convention earlier this month.

Reynolds has been traveling the state to drum up support for her and Branstad's effort to unseat incumbent Governor Chet Culver and Lt. Governor Patty Judge. Her tour included a presentation to the Fort Madison Rotary Club.

Reynolds says Iowa has faced budget deficits of more than $1-billion during each of her first two years in office. She says she and Branstad would review every state program in an effort to eliminate those shortfalls.

"If they are not working, they need to be eliminated or changed," said Reynolds. "Maybe have some benchmarks along the way so if they are falling short, they can restructure to meet the goal. If they don't meet the goal, we need to eliminate the program and not be afraid to do so."

Reynolds says Iowa must cut spending because one-time money, such as federal stimulus funding, will eventually run out. She says some of her other priorities include improving education and rural economic development.

Reynolds says she will also push to have discussions on state control versus local control. She says an honest dialogue is needed to determine how certain programs are governed, which could reduce property taxes.