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Restoration Continues at IAAAP

Apr 16, 2013

Environmental restoration at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAAP) in Middletown is starting to move in a different direction.

Environmental Restoration Project Manager Rodger Allison says about 60 primary sites and 250 sub-sites have been identified throughout the plant.

He says some have already been addressed while others are currently in the process of being restored.

Allison says much of the work has focused on removing contaminated soil, so the focus is now shifting towards groundwater and surface water.

The IAAAP’s Restoration Advisory Board met for about two hours on Tuesday, Apr. 16 to receive an update on several projects.

One is a system that was installed late last year.

It breaks down an explosive material known as RDX in surface water through the use of iron and microbes.

Allison says the system is still being tested, but it could be expanded on the plant depending on the results.