A Resource to Become More Energy Efficient

Springfield, IL – Illinois businesses will soon have an online resource to help them become more energy efficient.

Illinois Energy Council Executive Director Tom Wolf says the energy smart website will provide businesses with information on local vendors, tax breaks, and grants. "Energy costs we believe will do nothing but go up in the future," says Wolf. "The economy is going to recover and we truly believe there will be nothing but pressure as the economy grows."

"Our website is set up so you go to the site and answer a few questions about your business, where it is, how big the office or facility is," says Wolf. "Then we guide you to some local resources so you can begin having those conversations."

"There are some resources out there, but I don't think they capture what we can capture," Wolf says. "I think there are some places to go but I don't think they are as complete as they can be. I think we can provide that niche resource for those companies across the state looking to save money, save energy, and get started on this program."

Wolf says when demand for energy grows and the supply of it remains steady or decreases, energy prices will increase. Wolf says businesses need to start thinking now about how to use less energy when prices begin to increase in the future.

Wolf says using less energy will also ensure there will be a secure, reliable energy source in the country down the road.

The energy efficiency website will be unveiled next month at www.ilenergysmart.biz.