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Residents Want More Stop Signs for Busy Crossing

Macomb, IL – Some Macomb residents are concerned about safety at an intersection on the city's south side.

There are no stop signs on Grant Street at the intersection with Randolph and Maple. Randolph runs north of Grant. The street continues as Maple south of Grant.

Drivers on Randolph and Maple have to stop, while there is no stop sign on Grant. In fact, there are no stop signs on Grant from South Johnson Street to Candy Lane.

Joan Richards says traffic can pile up as drivers wait to cross or turn onto Grant in the morning. She does not think the situation will improve any time soon.

"It is getting busier, absolutely," says Richards. "In my area there is a new subdivision being built and more people are coming in."

Richards would like the city to make the intersection a four-way stop. She thinks that would improve safety for drivers and for pedestrians. Richards believes many other people share her concerns about the intersection.

One such person is Jamie Lane. She's circulating petitions asking the city to install stop signs on Grant at Randolph and Maple.

Lane hopes to gather more signatures before she submits the petitions to the city council.