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Report says High Speed Rail will Boost IL Businesses

Feb 26, 2013

A Midwest environmental group says high speed rail would be good for the region  both economically and environmentally.

The Environmental  Law and Policy Center released a report detailing how business’s across the Midwest would be a part of the supply-chain required for high speed rail service.

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That  includes over  80 firms in Illinois.

Kevin Brubaker is the center’s Deputy director.  He says one billion dollars is already being invested in upgrading parts of Illinois’ current passenger rail service.

"As people begin to see these investments, to see what modern rail can offer they'll demand more," Brubaker says, " and so we see this as a snowball effect."

The report says two companies in Western  Illinois would benefit from high speed rail, Caterpillar in Peoria and Cummins Central Power in Rock island.

A 90 mile per hour service from Galesburg to Quincy is included in a proposed Midwestern high speed rail network from the Midwest High Speed Rail Association.