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Rentals of Senior Center Will Cease

Apr 24, 2012

Beardstown will no longer  rent out the Golden Age building for special events.

The city has charged a $50 rental fee for the building's use. City Clerk Brian Ruch said the low fee has made it very popular for parties and special events.

He said, “Over the last few years it's being rented out quite often. The extra traffic is (creating) wear and tear on the building.”

Events that have already been booked will be allowed.

Ruch said the building was built in the late 1990s but is showing signs of advanced age.

He said it's not just the wear on the building but also damage to chairs and tables. The fee  did not cover the cost of the damage.

The city will continue to allow non-profit groups that meet regularly to continue to do so. It will also continue as the senior center.