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The Redneck Fishing Contest

Bath, IL – A contest at Bath, on the Illinois River, is trying to eliminate the Asian Carp from the river. It's also trying to raise awareness of what villagers see as a major problem on the chute that links the town with the main channel. Organizer Betty DeFord says the fish leap into the air whenever a large boat passes over. Often, they'll land in a boat. Sometimes they even hit people who are on a boat. There are occasional injuries. DeFord says the problem has become much worse in the past few years, but no one seems to have a solution yet. Her contest removed more than 1,200 fish. Fishermen could only use dip nets and catch the fish while they were in the air. The winner caught more than 200 carp. However, DeFord says the contest made no noticeable difference when people go out on the river. She's already planning next year's competition. Listen to Don Johnson's feature on The Redneck Fishing Contest by clicking on the audio button above.