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Record Dry August in Northeast MO

Sep 11, 2013

Last month may have seemed like the driest August ever.  For some North East Missouri Communities at least, that was true.

Pat Guinan is an Extension Climatologist with the University of Missouri.

Field in Marion County, Missouri - Taken September 6th.
Credit Alux Carpenter Agronomy Specialist University of Missouri Extension

He said  June and July were dry but occasional light rains, lower temperatures, and cloudy days helped keep the ground from completely drying out.

But he said those mitigating factors stopped in August and places like Edina in Knox, County had their driest August on record.

He said that high pressure ridge that had been sitting in the west moved eastward, bringing with it the dry conditions that have hit the Western US all year.

Guinan calls the dry august a reality check, saying the Midwest went through a long wet period in the few decades.

He said five or ten year droughts are possible.