Rebuilding Canton's Downtown

Canton, IL – An "economic success story" has come to fruition in Canton, Illinois. An 8,000 square foot, energy efficient building will fill a hole on Canton's downtown square. It's part of the Rebuilding Downtown project.

Canton Mayor Kevin Meade says the city has overcome a lot to get to where it is today. "One thing about Canton is we've never given up," says Meade. "We have stayed the course and we have always had the faith that someday great things were going to happen in this community. Ladies and Gentlemen someday is today."

Meade says Canton can be a model for other communities. "As I travel around to various places around the state people are asking me questions," says Meade. "How are you doing it in Canton, what are you doing there, what's in the water? Things are happening in a positive sense here. This is an example of a community that's pulled itself up by the boot straps."

Governor Pat Quinn attended the ceremony. Quinn says projects like this help move the economy forward. "I have faith in Canton, I have faith in the people of Fulton County, and I have faith in the people of the state of Illinois," Quinn says.

"We are people who know how to make things happen, no matter what the challenge," Quinn said. "Some people get dealt a bad hand in life. But we know how to take on whatever challenge comes our way. Especially when it's an economic challenge."

Tony Rolando is with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Rolando says once the building is finished, it will be sold. "It's being build as a spec building for the city," says Rolando. "It's retail space. It could be commercial space. It will depend on who buys it."

The cost of the project is not yet known. The Canton High School Building Trades class will help with the construction the building.