Quincy Museum Needs Financial Help

Quincy, IL – Supporters are asking for help in keeping a museum in western Illinois open for business.

The Gardner Museum of Architecture and Design has been open in downtown Quincy for more than 30 years. The two-story, stone building at the intersection of 4th and Maine was built in 1888.

Museum Coordinator Vicki Ebbing says the foundation that had been the primary source of income for the museum cut off funding in 2008. The facility is currently using reserves to get by.

Ebbing says that is why a $100,000 dollar funding raising campaign is underway. She says the goal is for the museum to stay open and operate as normal.

Ebbing says if enough money is not raised by the end of the year, the Gardner Museum of Architecture and Design could operate on a volunteer basis. She says that would lead to employee lay-offs, a reduction in hours of operation, and fewer exhibits and educational programs.

Supporters have sent out thousands of letters to businesses, industries, and individuals throughout the region. Ebbing says the name of the museum is also for sale.

The fundraising effort has netted about $12,000 so far.