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Prosecutors Pushing for Restitution in 911 Hoax

Jun 10, 2013

The McDonough County State’s Attorney’s office said its goal is to receive restitution for police agencies that responded to a hoax 911 call in Macomb on March 6.

Assistant State’s Attorney Justin Bougher said prosecutors would prefer to avoid a trial and instead reach an agreement on restitution. But if no deal can be reached, the charges against Alvin Montgomery, 25, could be upgraded to felonies.

Alvin Montgomery
Credit Macomb Police Department

Investigators have said Montgomery’s phone was used to make the hoax call from the home at 509 West Murray St.  

On the call, a woman tells dispatchers there is a man with a gun. The man can be heard in the background asking if she was calling police. The line then goes dead.

Police surrounded the house, and eventually a tactical response team was called in. That team sent robots through the house and found no one inside.

Police were on the scene for roughly five hours.

The bills submitted to the State’s Attorney’s office in late March include:

Illinois State Police: $7,868.41, which includes the cost of a tactical response team.

The Macomb Police Department: $2,406.55.

The Office of Public Safety at Western Illinois University: $1,384.56.

The McDonough County Sheriff’s Department: $1,032.39.

That adds up to a total to $12,691.91.

Bougher said Montgomery is still in the McDonough County Jail.