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Proposed Knox County Budget Includes Tax Hike

Nov 5, 2013

Knox County’s proposed new budget includes a temporary property tax increase.

County board members will make a final decision in a few weeks.

The tax increase will pay for the bonds the county issued to build its new jail which was completed several years ago.

The Knox County board will vote on the budget Nov 21st.
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This would cause the tax bill on a 100 thousand dollar home to go up by 35 dollars next year. Treasurer Robin Davis said a public meeting was held, but no one spoke against the hike.

She said the county is looking at several other ideas to help balance the budget, one is being paid to house inmates from other counties.

"Cook county currently is transporting some inmates to Rock Island and Mercer county, we're looking at possibly doing that," Davis said.

Another idea is to ask some employees to take early retirement.

Davis said the tax increase would  fall to 21 dollars for a 100 thousand dollar home after the first year. And it will expire in five years when the bonds are fully paid off.

She said the panel will vote on the proposed budget at its next meeting on Nov. 21st.