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Proposed Donnellson Library Receives Larger Contribution

Apr 23, 2015

A change of heart by the Lee County Board of Supervisors could have a big impact on the proposed new library in Donnellson.

The board increased its donation to the project to $25,000 at the request of Chairman Ron Fedler.  He said that is the same amount the county pledged to the new libraries in West Point and Fort Madison.

"I felt that since (the previous boards) did it then, that it was only fair that (we) do the same thing (for) the library (in) Donnellson," said Fedler.

The county originally pledged all of the hotel/motel tax revenue it receives for the next three fiscal years.  But that was expected to be about $6,000.  The additional $19,000 will come in the form of a lump-sum payment.

Fedler said this is the type of project the county should get behind, something that will benefit a lot of people.

"This is very important for education to children in Lee County," said Fedler.  "There are also a lot of adults who come to the library."

The board made a second pledge.  Supervisor Don Hunold asked that the record reflect that if the hotel/motel tax revenue does not reach $6,000 over the three years, the county would cover the difference.

Donnellson Library Director Brenda Knox said the larger donation will help in the effort to land a large state grant.  Local contributions to the project are already in excess of $300,000.

Fedler said this is not an open invitation, though, for organizations seeking county support.