Projects Delayed In Lee County Road Plan

Fort Madison, IA – The mix of snow, ice, and rain this winter did some serious damage to rural roads throughout Iowa. Lee County, for example, has seen its fair share of frost boils, potholes, and giant ruts.

The county's secondary roads department has been trying to keep up with the repairs and maintenance and stay under budget.

Lee County Engineer Ernie Steffensmeier says his department is facing a severe funding crunch. He says costs continue to rise while the money he gets from the Iowa Department of Transportation and from local property taxes has been flat for years.

Steffensmeier says that is being seen in the county's 5-year road plan, which has been adopted by the Lee County Board of Supervisors. He says projects that involve new construction have had to be pushed back to the final years of the plan.

Steffensmeier says the paving of about 3 miles of Chalk Ridge Road and 4 miles of 255th Street are examples of that. He says those projects, which have been in the plan for years, are now on tap for FY2014-FY2015.

Several county roads have been added to Lee County's plan.

Steffensmeier says the additions include County Road J-38, Ambrosia Lane, and 243rd Avenue. He says these roads must be resurfaced, soon, so they do not deteriorate.

In other action, the Lee County Board of Supervisors
- agreed to promote a part-time correctional officer to full-time status.
- continued the process of borrowing $500,000 for the Lee Comm center.
- approved Croton's request to work with RUSS on the development of a sewer system.