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Police Recognize Community/Business Support

Macomb, IL – Western Illinois law enforcement agencies took time Friday to recognize businesses and community members that made a difference during February's Farm King shooting.

Officers recognized the efforts of McDonough District Hospital for quick emergency response, and HyVee for allowing Farm King employees and customers to take shelter, and allowing police to use the store for witness interviews and as a command post.

Police also thanked Aldi for providing bottles of water, and allowing their parking lot to be used as a "media base," along with a slew of other individuals and community members.

"The community needs to know that they did this," says Barker. "It just goes to show that they are members of our community. They feel the need to support us, they see the need to support the citizens of Macomb, and they're part of our community. They really showed it on that day."

Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker also presented awards to Mary Lage, the dispatcher who took the 911 call, Tressa Wheeler, another 911 dispatcher who coordinated emergency efforts while Lage was on the phone, and Jeff Nimrick, the manager of the Macomb Farm King who made the call.

Friday's ceremony was the first time Nimrick met Lage in person. He says it was also the first time he'd heard the 911 tape, a portion of which was played at the start of the ceremony.