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Pension Committee Reports Progress

Aug 15, 2013

Members of a bipartisan legislative committee in Illinois remain optimistic they'll eventually agree on how to address the state’s $100 billion pension problem.

Some of the committee members met this week in the Statehouse. They included Representative Jil Tracy (R-Quincy), who said it feels like they've made a lot of progress but still have a ways to go on some of the details.

The Illinois Capitol building

She also said she's not sure the final product will have the support of the entire 10-member committee.

“In the beginning, I would have like to have thought that we could get all 10. At this point I'm not all that optimistic,” Tracy said.

“We recognize that 10 would be better, but right now I couldn't guarantee that.” 

Tracy said the next step is for Democrats and Republicans on the committee to present their ideas to fellow lawmakers to gauge what they might be willing to support.

Members of the committee say there's no timeline for when they might finish their work and they're refusing to divulge details of their plan.