Part of Burlington Building Collapses

Burlington, IA – Two people were inside a second floor apartment at 215 Division Street when the building's east wall collapsed into an alley. Burlington Fire Department Battalion Chief Matt Trexel says a ladder had to be used to get them out of the building.

Trexel says debris from the collapse blocked the exit. He says the two were not hurt, adding that they were able to climb down the ladder on their own.

Trexel says the two were in a room on the other side of the apartment when the collapse took place.

The age and condition of the building were likely factors in the collapse, along with a stress crack. Trexel says the owner planned on repairing the crack, but never got around to it.

Crews inspected what remained of the structure and tore down unstable portions of the building. Trexel does not know if a couple of neighboring buildings will have to come down because of damage caused by the collapse.

Several nearby streets and alleys were closed to prevent people from accessing the property. Trexel does not know when people will be able to return to the area.

The first floor of the building is used as an assembly hall for a local church.