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Outlook Good for 2013 Iowa Turkey Hunting

Mar 29, 2013

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources said last year’s dry conditions across the state will lead to a better than average turkey hunting season this year.

The DNR said the largest increases in turkey populations will be in northwest and central Iowa, thought Southeast Iowa will see a significant bump as well.

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Bill Ohde is the Wildlife Supervisor for Southeast Iowa. He said a cold wet spring can be especially hard on turkey chicks as  they can't regulate their body temperatures as well as adult birds.

He added that population levels can vary widely from habitat to habitat and hunters should
check their local forests.

"That's the really the best way, getting out to those areas that you're thinking about hunting and standing out there pre-dawn and listening for the gobbling," Ohde said.     

Ohde said even larger increases in the populations of mature “gobblers” will happen when the turkeys that were born in 2012 finish maturing next year.