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No Vote On Illinois Term Limits

Jun 27, 2014

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary Mikva has ruled the question is unconstitutional for voters to take up.

Credit Brian Turner / Flickr Creative Commons

A group supported by Republican candidate for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner got enough signatures to put legislative term limits on the ballot.

Voters would have been asked if legislators should be limited to eight years in office.

But the question was challenged by an attorney who’s also represented longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Attorney Tim Eaton supports the term limits initiative and said he will appeal the decision.

"I think when the constitution was written in 1970, they intended this to be able to change any part of the legislative article and road blocks just keep being put up," Eaton said.

In 1994, the Supreme Court also kicked term limits off the ballot.

The judge also rejected another ballot question that would have asked voters if the process of how legislative boundaries are drawn should be changed.