No Sanctions Against Deputy over Dog Shooting

Lee County, IA – No departmental action is expected against a Lee County sheriff's deputy who shot a dog after stopping at a home near Keokuk.

Sheriff Buck Jones says the incident involving Deputy Clint Wray was videotaped by Wray's dashboard camera. Wray stopped at a home rented by Andrew Salter on Sept. 18 to gather information about some cows getting out of a nearby pen the day before.

Jones says the tape shows Deputy Wray approaching the home and calling out to see if anyone is home. Jones says that is when Deputy Wray was confronted by the dog.

"The next thing you hear is the dog growling," says Jones, "he (Wray) is backing up, trying to protect himself, telling the dog to get away. Then he turns, the dog turns into the yard area, and that is when he (Wray) fires the weapon."

Andrew Salter's dog had to have one of its legs amputated.

Jones says the videotape has been reviewed by himself, his chief deputy, and his department's firearms instructor. He says Wray did nothing wrong, adding there is no set procedure for such a situation.

Jones says he is unaware of training for law enforcement agencies on how to deal with loose animals, outside of horses. Salter's mother and the owner of the home Salter rents recently asked the Lee County Board of Supervisors to require some sort of animal related training for all law enforcement agencies.

Jones says his department has not heard from the dog's owner about legal action related to the shooting.