New Director For SRC Campus in Macomb

Macomb, IL – The new director of Spoon River College's Macomb campus says he'll work to build a strong bond with the community.

Daniel Marvin came to SRC from West Kentucky Community and Technical College, where he was Coordinator of Recruitment/Academic Support Specialist.

Marvin says like Illinois, Kentucky is going through difficult times with its budget, which is impacting higher eduction. He says during such times, community support becomes even more important.

"You might not get as much money from the state because of what's going on," says Davis. "But at the same time you're out in the community getting them to help support you. You really have to be out there making sure that you are doing what you need to do to ensure programs move forward."

Marvin says he will also work to receive state and federal grant money.

Marvin started work in Macomb on October 12. He was appointed to the job by SRC President Robert Ritschel.

Marvin says he took the job because he was seeking a new challenge. In addition, his wife Heather grew up in Davenport so the move to Macomb will make it easier for her to visit family.

Marvin is working on his Doctorate in Education from Capella University.