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Mowen Touts Values, Business Background

Macomb, IL – One of the Republicans running for Congress in west-central Illinois says morals and values will matter in his campaign. Jim Mowen says he is pro-life and will vote accordingly on any questions that come before him if he's elected to serve. However, Mowen hedged when asked if he would vote in favor of a bill that bans abortions, even in cases involving rape or incest. Mowen says the country needs to work toward making abortions rare, but adds there also needs to be understanding. Mowen calls himself a Christian man who believes in the love and compassion end of his faith, not the judgmental end of it. Mowen has worked for 20 years in commercial real estate and says his career has been dedicated to economic development. Mowen says if he's elected to Congress, his staff will include an economic development director. Mowen is seeking the G.O.P. nomination to run against Democratic Congressman Lane Evans. Mowen is touring the 17th Congressional District to promote his campaign. The tour includes stops in Macomb, Monmouth, and Galesburg.