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Motions Filed in Abuse Lawsuit

Jan 15, 2013

A new argument could be emerging in a sexual abuse lawsuit against a Keokuk teacher and her former employer.

The lawsuit was filed in Henry County by a former student identified only as Jane Doe. 

Doe says in 2000, when she was just 14-years-old, Gina Sisk started physically and sexually abusing her.  Sisk was working in the New London School District at the time.

Sisk and the New London School District want the lawsuit against them to be dropped based on a state law that provides two years for someone to sue a municipality for wrongful death, loss or injury.

Judge Cynthia Danielson has yet to rule on the request for summary judgment. 

In response, Roxanne Conlin, who is representing Jane Doe, filed a motion claiming the statute of limitations does not apply to actions taken by Sisk outside of her role as a district employee.

Court records indicate that not all of the alleged abuse occurred on school grounds or during school hours.

Conlin followed that up with a motion to dismiss Sisk from the lawsuit for any sexual abuse or misconduct occurring outside of her role with the district.

This could allow for a separate lawsuit to be filed against Sisk, who remains on leave from the Keokuk School District.