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More Water Problems in Warsaw

Feb 10, 2014

Water is once again an issue for some residents of Warsaw.

The entire city lost service for about twelve hours on Thursday because a water main break drained the city's water tower near Warsasw High School.

Mayor Tiffany Murphy says city employees went above and beyond the call to repair the leak and get the water online much quicker than anticipated.

She says they have been at it again as three more water lines have cracked since the tower was drained.

"Because the ground was dry and cracked and then the snow got in there and now it is ice and it is expanding," says Murphy, "that is causing all these pipes to burst."

Murphy says the areas affected by the latest cracks are College Hill, Jackson Street (4th - 7th), anc Calhoun Street.  She says there were concerns about a cracked line near Prewittville, but it turned out to be frozen lines leading to the city main.

Murphy says as repairs are made and water is restored, boil orders will remain in effect until further notice.

She says Warsaw purchased extra water in anticipation of the city-wide boil order extending beyond Saturday so residents in need can contact city hall.