More Help for Flood Victims

Hancock County, IL – More money might be available for Hancock County residents affected by last year's flooding. The Hancock County Unmet Needs Committee received $397,000 from the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Committee Member Betty Redenius says the money is meant to help people "fill the gaps." "There are some people in those flooded areas that still have needs," says Redenius. "They are still out of their homes and they have not been able to go back to them. Some of them do not want to go back into the flood plain."

Redenius says the money cannot be used to pay off an insurance deductible. "If you had insurance on that home and they paid everything except your deductible, then you would not be eligible to receive the gap money for that," says Redenius. "This is for people that still have unmet needs. This means that you have received either very little or no help for what you are applying for."

"We go by what we are allowed to do through the Illinois Department of Human Services," says Redenius. "We don't say the yes or the no to it. If there is something we haven't received direct rules on, then we go back to them. If somebody applies and we're not sure whether this would be what they would approve then we always go back and ask that question."

Redenius says there is no cap on how much someone can receive. She says there is no a deadline to apply for assistance. She says people can apply for money until it runs out.

To obtain an application call (217) 357-9079.